Vancouver Island’s Goldstream River Gasoline Spill Impacts Salmon

Saturday’s gasoline tanker accident had dire impacts on the salmon and wildlife of Vancouver Island’s Goldstream River. Hundreds of young chum and coho salmon were found dead after approximately 30,000 tonnes of fuel spilled from the damaged tanker onto the adjacent land and into a small ditch and culvert, which  incidentally feeds the river located 10 metres away.

“There are literally hundreds and hundreds of dead fish in the lower end of the river,” Claxton said Monday morning. “It’s just devastating to see that many fish gone. If you look under the banks and logs, there are lots of dead fish.”

Goldstream River, located northwest of Victoria in Goldstream Park, is considered to be a “prolific salmon spawning stream.”

…environmental officials from the federal and provincial governments and private environmental contractors scoured the river and estuary seeking signs of habitat damage or signs of sick or injured wildlife. B.C. Ministry of Environment emergency response officer Alex Grant said the majority of the gasoline should evaporate within 18 hours, based on the volume estimate….Grant said. “Good news is gasoline floats … there is a very good flushing action with the Goldstream River. The vast majority (of fuel) will stay on the water and carry out to Finlayson Arm where it will evaporate. [Read full article].

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