Video surveillance onboard fishing vessels

Special video cameras created by a Victoria, B.C.¬†company are being used onboard fishing vessels. Designed by Archipelago¬†Marine Research, these video recording devices¬†have been in use to monitor B.C.’s ground fishing fleets over the past seven years. Recently, they¬†have¬†been sought out internationally¬†and are being installed on¬†French purse seiners fishing in the Indian Ocean. Most commonly, humans¬†are responsible for¬†monitoring fishing practices. At times, the seas are too dangerous to be covered by insurance or the voyages are too long for record gathering to occur. With these motion-activated video cameras, however, observing, recording and reviewing fishing efforts can still take place.

Equipment includes an array of sensors, which triggers video cameras when fishing starts. An onboard control centre manages the system and logs data such as vessel location, speed and direction. Cameras are positioned to record scenes such as fish being hauled on board, being processed and what is discarded.

Fisheries managers use the technology to assist with maintaining quotas, catches of protected species and by-catch mitigation strategies. It is used to help verify log books, enforce regulations and support sustainable management practices. Read full article.

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