Wasted Pinks?

Beach seining is a sustainable method of fishing that has become increasingly popular among Native fisheries along the Fraser River. Common in areas where there are gravel spits jutting out from land, a net is circled out from the shore. This method allows for any bycatch to be released alive. With the recent First Nations’ fishery, there were over 41 crews using this method of fishing at various gravel bars along the river, and over a three-day period 500,00 fish were caught.

There have been some complaints over the past few days among sports fishermen and commercial fisheries, however, as along one of these spits, numerous pinks had been left to rot in the sun and many could be seen drifting along the shallows of the river. Many are calling this a waste. It is still not clear why the salmon was left behind. These events took place during the Native fishery, which may not have been appropriately monitored by the DFO, many believe someone should be accountable for the losses.

Read the Globe and Mail article or read the Vancouver Sun article.

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