What Killed Farmed Salmon in 2009?

The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands’ Animal Health Branch recently published their Fish Health Report for 2009.  Health audits of 116 salmon-farm and samples from 585 “silvers” (dead fish with silver skin) lead to the conclusion that 59% of dead salmon in farms did not die of infectious diseases.  For those that did, bacterial kidney disease took the lead at 35% followed by vibriosis at 6%. Furthermore, the report indicates “sea lice abundance in wild and farmed salmon has fallen [since 2004], except for a minor rise in the autumn of last year.” 

“These fish health reports simply show that a well-managed industry can operate in harmony with the natural environment,” said Mary Ellen Walling, executive director of the BCSFA. “We know that our farms are well-managed and that our fish as well-cared for – so it’s good to see the province confirm that information for the public.” …[read full article]

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