Will Canada’s Most Valuable Agricultural Product be Sturgeon Eggs?

Caviar is a luxury often enjoyed by those with a certain largesse. Having grown up in an average income household, I’ve only tried caviar once, maybe twice, in my lifetime and I didn’t really like it. Perhaps my palate was underdeveloped at the time (I was just a kid).  Now, as an adult, I have a  hard time believing that such rarefied delicacy wouldn’t be outstanding!

Palates across the world dig caviar; if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be concerns when it comes to sturgeon. These large and unique fish are endangered, but companies in Canada, Germany, the United States and Abu Dhabi are moving beyond fishing for wild sturgeon and are alternately getting involved with farming them for both meat and predominantly their eggs. Sechelt-based Target Marine, on the Sunshine Coast, is the first to produce caviar from white sturgeon in Canada.  The market is small, but has the potential to be very lucrative.

The global legal caviar trade is estimated at $100 million a year. The General Manager of Target Marine states that market prices are about $3,000 for 1 kg of sturgeon caviar, that is an average of about $16,000 per fish.

While farming caviar can be slow to develop, as the female sturgeon take a number of years to reach fertility, companies like Target Marine could be some of the most valuable agricultural producers. [Read full article].

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