Will Canada’s Most Valuable Agricultural Product be Sturgeon Eggs?

Caviar is a luxury often enjoyed by those with a certain largesse. Having grown up in an average income household,¬†I’ve only tried caviar once, maybe twice, in my lifetime and I didn’t really like it. Perhaps my palate was¬†underdeveloped at the time (I was just a kid).¬†¬†Now, as an adult, I have a ¬†hard time believing that such rarefied delicacy wouldn’t¬†be outstanding!

Palates¬†across the world dig caviar; if¬†they didn’t, there wouldn’t be concerns when it comes to¬†sturgeon.¬†These large and unique fish are¬†endangered, but companies in Canada, Germany, the United States and Abu Dhabi are moving beyond fishing for wild sturgeon¬†and are alternately¬†getting involved with farming them for both meat and predominantly their eggs. Sechelt-based Target Marine, on the Sunshine Coast, is the first to produce caviar from white sturgeon in Canada.¬† The market is small, but has the potential to be very lucrative.

The global legal caviar trade is estimated at $100 million a year. The General Manager of Target Marine states that market prices are about $3,000 for 1 kg of sturgeon caviar, that is an average of about $16,000 per fish.

While farming caviar can be slow to develop, as the female sturgeon take a number of years to reach fertility, companies like Target Marine could be some of the most valuable agricultural producers. [Read full article].

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