Cannery Store Features: Fanny Bay Smoked Oysters

As a youngster, I remember my parents hosting many family gatherings for their friends over the holidays and into the New Year. Each time, my mother (culinary genius) would put out a spread of appetizers that would make our visitors’ mouths water.¬†She¬†seemed to outdo herself, from one year to the next. One staple¬†appetizer she always had on the table, but¬†hadn’t altered¬†in taste, because¬†they were¬†soooooooo good just by themselves, were smoked oysters. Now, let me ask you this, who doesn’t love a decadent, rich, and mouth-watering, smoked¬†little oyster on a cracker for a snack? And/or maybe¬†feel a little nostalgia¬†for childhood while eating one?

I am delighted to share¬†that the Cannery Store is now selling smoked oysters. These¬†cans are special however, because they are not farmed,¬†packed, and smoked abroad,¬†rather, these oysters are locally farmed, smoked and packaged in Fanny Bay, just¬†north¬†of Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island.¬†And they¬†are a sustainable seafood choice too! If you have yet to¬†try a Fanny Bay Oyster, now is your chance…they¬†sure are¬†tasty!

Smoked Oyster Pate:


1 250g tub of softened cream cheese

1 tbsp worcestershire sauce

1 tsp tabasco sauce

1 tbsp finely chopped onion

1 tbsp chopped parsley

1 tin 2oz. Fanny Bay Smoked Oysters chopped


Add all ingredients together in one bowl and mix well. Serve with crackers.

(source: Fanny Bay Oyster Recipes )

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