Scrumptious Seafood: Fish bone crackers

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery was honoured to have Erika Tsuji, a Japanese exchange student volunteer working with us for three weeks.  Erika participated in a variety of ways at the Cannery as frontline staff and in the administration building. She also participated in blog writing. Given Japan’s proximity to the sea, its residents rely heavily on seafood. I asked Erika to contribute a Japanese recipe for our Scrumptious Seafood posts. Here is her contribution:

Some Japanese enjoy eating all of the fish including the bones. It is because they appreciate and respect the fish’s life. Usually people throw away the fish bones but if you can eat them, it is less wasteful. Most Japanese eat the fish bone crackers like rice crackers. And it is favoured by young children and adults. Young children often eat it during tea breaks. And adults often eat it as a bar snack. Generally speaking, fish bone crackers are not common yet, but they will gain popularity as they become trendy among people who love cooking. In addition, we can ingest a lot of calcium from fish bone crackers. Therefore many TV programs and web sites have introduced fish bone crackers. It can have a major influence on your taste and lifestyle. For example, nowadays, more and more izakaya (Japanese pubs) offer fish bone crackers. Also some grocery stores sell eel bone crackers. Fish bone crackers have many advantages. You should try them!

How to make fish bone crackers

*You will need: fish bones, salt

1) Put paper towel on a dish. Place fish bones on top.

2) Put it in microwave and heat it for about 2 minutes.

3) Repeat this process until fish is browned on the top.

4) Afterwards,  take out it from microwave and let cool for about 1 minute.

5) Salt to taste! You’re finished! It will be crispy and delicious!

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