Scrumptious Seafood: Ika Mata, Rarotongan Raw Fish Salad

It is hot outside, and it is only getting hotter! Here is a fresh and tasty recipe for the summer.

Ika Mata comes from Rarotonga, one of the Cook Islands from across the Pacific. Although I have never been there, the ingredients called for in this recipe speak to my taste buds. Similar to ceviche, this recipe uses citrus to cook the white fish.  Instead of the addition of tomato, however, this recipe requires coconut milk or coconut cream to enrich the flavour of the sauce.

Ika Mata, Rarotongan Raw Fish Salad with Coconut


  • 800g firm fleshed white fish, halibut, black cod, or albacore┬átuna
  • 5-6 Lemons, to make 120ml lemon juice plus extra to cover
  • 1 grated carrot
  • 4 chopped spring onions
  • 200ml coconut milk (good quality tinned coconut cream or coconut cream mixed with tinned coconut milk)
  • Pepper and salt
  • ┬Ż an iceberg lettuce
  • Optional – Handful fresh cilantro to serve, fresh chillies


  1. Chop fish into bite sized pieces (1cm thick) and cover with fresh lemon juice. Cover with the lemon halves and refrigerate overnight in a non-reactive bowl. Stir at least once.
  2. Remove and drain from lemon juice and mix with other ingredients in bowl.
  3. Stir in some fresh lemon juice to coat.
  4. Check seasoning.
  5. Serve slightly chilled over lettuce leaf sprinkled with fresh chillies and coriander leaves, if using.

Serves 4

Recipe Source: Taste Buddy

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