Scrumptious Seafood: Salmon & Avocado Tartare

Have you checked the temperature lately? This heat is simply not meant for cooking. Check out this scrumptious, low maintenance recipe, as featured by Langara Fishing Adventures. Chop, mix, relax!


16 oz Haida Gwaii Salmon, trimmed and cut into 1/8 inch cubes

6 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

2 Avocados, peeled and diced

1/2 Lime, juice and zest


1.5 tsp Wasabi powder

3 tbsp Soy sauce, low sodium

2 tbsp Mirin

1 tsp Roasted sesame oil

1 tsp Grape seed oil

1 tsp Rice vinegar

1 tsp Sambal

1 tsp Honey

1 tsp Water


  • In a medium bowl, stir together the wasabi and water to make a smooth paste. Whisk in the soy, mirin, sesame and grape seed oils, vinegar and honey. Add fresh cracked pepper and put aside.
  • Toss the salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper. Season the avocado with the lime juice, lime zest and salt and pepper.
  • To serve and impress your guest with this dish you should mold the tartar into a disk. Place a 3-inch stainless steel ring or clean empty can of tuna (with the top and the bottom lids cut out) on a chilled plate.
  • Fill the ring with a layer of avocado and top with the diced salmon. Slowly lift the ring off. Drizzle the vinaigrette over top and around the tartar.

You can serve this with toasted slice bread or alternatively with some rice crackers for a gluten free version.

This tartare could also be made with tuna, scallops and BC spot prawns. The vinaigrette could also be used on oysters. For a gluten free version, the soy sauce can be replace by tamarin.

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