Sharing our Salmonids

children looking into salmonid tank
Students from Pacific Rim Montessori Academy studying the salmonids during their weekly visit to the Cannery.

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter, Andrea P.

One of the most amazing parts about raising young salmon at the Cannery is watching them grow and change as they go through their early life stages. This year, we have the pleasure of sharing that experience with Pacific Rim Montessori Academy’s Elementary Class, which is made up of children in grades one through seven. Once a week, the children make the almost 3km walk along Steveston’s historic waterfront from their school to the Cannery. Since they started their visits, they have seen the salmon go from being eyed-eggs to swim-up fry. In addition to viewing the salmon, the children take turns helping an Interpreter conduct water quality tests and if needed, assist with changing the water in the tank.

Having these children participate in the Salmonids in the Classroom program at the Cannery allows us to connect them to the bigger picture of salmon in British Columbia. By engaging them with the museum exhibits, we can introduce them to the importance of salmon to this area, both in the past and present. As far as the future goes, perhaps one of these young minds will play a role in ensuring there are salmon in our waters for many years to come.

Posted by m.horita
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