School and Youth Programs: “Sea-riously” fun!

Submitted by A.Ng, Heritage Interpreter

Ever been so awestruck about a place that you were just reeled back in?
Fish puns aside, the Cannery’s school and youth programs are immersive, a great learning experience, and most of all – fun!  Furthermore, taking place in a national historic site, the Cannery is a great place to explore our present, past, and future.

Here are some examples:
The Sea to Me program introduces the youngest of learners to the journey that a fish makes from ocean to dinner table, focusing on the salmon’s trip from salty water shores to yummy plate offerings.

Fishy Business dives a little deeper into the fishing industry. From fishing techniques in constant evolution, to issues around biodiversity, kids have a whale of a time learning about an industry crucial to our province and country.

Cannery Stories has made splashes by teaching young ‘detectives’ about the the social history of the canning and fishing industry. Students identify up to six mystery cannery characters, and even slip into their shoes to experience how different groups may have been treated on the job, a hundred years ago.

Bookings for all of these programs and more, can be made by contacting our Group Programs Coordinator

For more information on all of our school and youth programs, please visit the “Learn” section of our website.

Au cas où vous auriez des questions sur nos programmes éducatifs, nos lignes de contact sont toujours ouvertes ! N’hésitez pas à nous faire signe par téléphone (604.664.9009) ou par courriel, à

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