Cannery Gift Store

Visit the Cannery Store for unique souvenirs, books and gift items with local themes.
The Gift Shop at the Cannery is open daily from 10am to 5pm. 

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Salmon Products

IMG_1357 Popular among tourists and locals alike, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery offers a wide selection of salmon products. From smoked sockeye salmon to ice wine glazed wild smoked salmon and smoked salmon pâté, there’s something to suit everyone’s palates.


Household Items – Travel Mugs

IMG_0519 Looking for a great souvenir from your visit to the Cannery? You can find a variety of exquisitely crafted, West Coast-inspired items such as these beautiful travel mugs at the Cannery Gift Store. Many of the items that we carry are made locally by artists here in B.C., so these souvenirs allow you to take home an authentic piece of the West Coast with you.


Stationery – Greeting Cards

IMG_0546 The Cannery’s gift store has a beautiful array of marine-themed and nautical-themed stationery for those who love pens and pretty paper. If you are looking for unique, locally-designed greeting cards that embody the West Coast culture, be sure to come take a look at our impressive greeting card collection, which offers cards of both classic and contemporary styles.



IMG_0549 Jewelry lovers will take an interest in the Cannery gift store’s fine array of locally-designed, West Coast inspired jewelry. Our specially selected collection is characterized by traditional First Nations art that is skillfully crafted into beautiful pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings.


Household Items – Mugs

IMG_1376 No gift store is ever complete without a variety of souvenir mugs. Here at the Cannery, we carry a wide selection of cups with various designs. Some of the beautiful designs that can be found here are ones created by local First Nations artists and ones which resemble 20th century canned salmon labels, such as those pictured here.


First Nations Designs

IMG_1037 The Gulf of Georgia Cannery has a rich history linked not only to the fishing industry, but to the First Nations people and their culture as well. Throughout our gift store, you will find various items such as bowls, t-shirts, purses, and scarves which are characterized by traditional First Nations art. Many of the items decorated with First Nations designs are crafted locally by local artists, making them a perfect gift or souvenir choice for Cannery visitors.



IMG_1052 For most children nowadays, a “toy” comes in the form of a cellphone or a tablet computer. Bring back the joy of playing with non-electronic toys and encourage the curiosity and imagination of young minds with the toys found at our gift store. From aquariums that grow, to soft, stuffed animals and googly-eye pens, there are a multitude of fun, colorful playthings that children will love, and best of all, they don’t require a charger!

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