A Cannery by any other name…

Storybrooke CanneryStorybrooke label

If you happened to watch last week’s episode of the filmed-in-Vancouver TV show Arrow, you may have noticed a rather unlikely location for a superhero fight scene between the Arrow and a masked villain.

It seems that our Herring Reduction Plant in the Cannery had just the right creepy ambiance to stage a kidnapping and epic rescue/fight scene.  After a very long day and night of filming in the Cannery last November, we became “Starling Cannery”.  Here is the entire scene from YouTube — It is amazing to see how seamlessly the shots are put together, without a hint of all the masses of crew and equipment that they brought in for filming!

As a 120-year-old building that has been preserved both inside and out, we have a very unique and hard to replicate look and feel that makes it an ideal filming location. So it is no surprise that our Cannery has stood in for a number of other fictional locations.

Here is a past blog post about the Cannery’s transformation into “Bodega Bay Museum” for the TV show Supernatural.

And of course, our most famous incarnation as “Storybrooke Cannery” (pictured above) for ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which often films on location in Steveston, transforming the entire village into the fictional town of “Storybrooke, Maine”.

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