Cooling Down in the Cannery

The Cannery building sits atop 600 wood pilings!
The Cannery building sits atop 600 wood pilings!

Submitted by D’Arcy, Heritage Interpreter

These past few weeks have been hotter than usual here in Metro Vancouver, and it is at times like this that I am grateful to work at the Cannery.  Since this building was built in 1894 on wood pilings on top of the Fraser River, we have some of the best natural air-conditioning.  The Fraser River starts up in the Rockies and always has very cold water which flows right under the floor boards, helping to keep the building nice and cool.  While in the winter it is not so great, as the building is always colder than outside (one year it went down to -8 inside!), right now it is a great way to try and beat the heat.  So if you are trying to think up new and creative ways to escape this heat wave, come on down to the Cannery for a really ‘cool’ day.

Posted by m.horita
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