From the Cannery Store: Local, High-Quality Canned Seafood


Everyone has most likely tried some form of canned fish before, but have you ever tried The Fishery Seafoods, Ltd.s canned seafood? This high-quality local brand features canned seafood made solely with wild fish and shellfish caught in the beautiful waters of British Columbia. In addition, the #1 grade seafood is skillfully hand-packed into BPA-free cans, so you can be assured that you’re serving your family safe seafood that is of the same quality that could be expected if it was fresh. Because this company is also health-conscious, their fish is only packed in their own juices, so you don’t have to worry about the seafood being submerged inside sodium and oil-filled juices.

The Fishery Seafoods Ltd. Wild Coho canned salmon review from Larissa, Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society volunteer: “I really liked this canned salmon. It had a nice, meaty texture and the rich flavour was not too salty. I could tell how high-quality the fish was because upon opening the can, I could see that the piece of salmon was cut as a cross-section, and its bones and skin were still intact. I read the label on the can and was happy to find that the ingredient list was short and simple, which again is indicative of a high quality canned seafood product.”

The Fishery Seafoods Ltd.’s seafood products are a best-seller here at the Cannery’s gift store, appealing to both locals and tourists. Choose from tasty options such as smoked wild sockeye salmon, wild pink salmon or wild albacore tuna. Come on down to the Cannery and pick one up to try for yourself!

Posted by m.horita
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