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Submitted by Heritage Interpreter Haley P.

Are you a budding historian thinking of making a day trip to Steveston?  Stroll down Moncton Street and take a walk through local history.

Begin the day at Garry Point Park, where Moncton St. begins. Here you will find the Steveston Fishermen’s Memorial, located near the water. This large sculpture of a fisherman’s net needle commemorating the lives of fisherman is the perfect starting point to experience Steveston’s heritage, which is largely intertwined with the fishing industry. As you walk through Garry Point, follow the path eastward along the water’s edge; this will lead you to the big white and red Gulf of Georgia Cannery building that overlooks Steveston.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site is where you can learn all about BC’s fishing industry and its impact on the local and national community. Find out how millions of fish were processed along the canning line a hundred years ago. After all, Steveston Harbour is still the largest small craft commercial fishing harbour in all of Canada.

From the Cannery, continue down to Moncton and First Ave to the Steveston Museum & Visitor Centre. Here you will learn more about the people who made up the communities of Steveston. There is also an exhibit about the Japanese community of Steveston, located in what was once the hospital the Japanese community built, and is now part of the Steveston Museum.

The last stop is the Steveston Interurban Tram, just one block down from the Steveston Museum at Moncton’s intersection with No. 1 Road. This is one of the few remaining trams that would transport people between Vancouver and Richmond. Climb aboard and learn about what it would be like to ride the tram and the kinds of people who would be riding with you. The interurban tram is located in Steveston community park, a beautiful place for a picnic and if it’s a hot day find some shade among the trees or enjoy the small water park. A relaxing and fun way to end a historic day!

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