Popular in Space, and Available Here on Earth


Submitted by Larissa, Volunteer

What is local, tastes delectable with capers and cream cheese, and has been sent by special request to the International Space Station four times? SeaChange Seafoods’ Smoked Salmon! Yes, you read the previous sentence correctly: This local brand’s smoked salmon is so popular that even the astronauts requested it to be sent to space so that they could enjoy a taste of Canada! Want to try some of their authentically Canadian products for yourself, or bring it back home for family and friends? Look no further than the extensive SeaChange Seafoods product line that is offered here at our gift store.

This family-owned business, founded on Salt Spring Island in 1985, crafts fine, exquisitely packaged Canadian seafood products which are perfect for your gifting needs. They offer local delicacies such as smoked salmon and various seafood pâtés which are made right here in B.C. and are conveniently packaged in travel packs that are easy to take with you. This high-quality brand uses only wild salmon, and their pâtés are made with fresh seafood and cream, so you can expect delicious flavour no matter which item you choose.

Not only are their seafood products crafted locally on Salt Spring Island, but the beautiful First Nations art on their packaging has local origins as well! Don Yeomans, an internationally acclaimed Haida artist from the northwest coast of B.C., is the talented man behind the magnificent salmon designs that adorn each product package. This means that every time you pick out one of this brand’s products, you’ll be bringing home a tasty delicacy that has a story behind both the packaging and what’s contained within it. SeaChange Seafoods products exemplify the Canadian culture, and their story is waiting to be discovered by you and your taste buds.

Posted by m.horita
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