Smart seafood choices for your next Steveston visit

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter Haley P. Photos by Joel Baziuk

If you have come to Steveston for seafood, you have come to the right place. From salmon to sea urchins, spot prawns to halibut – there are numerous kinds of fish found here, caught fresh from the BC coast, and many of them are quite tasty!

But before you start a seafood shopping spree you might want to learn more about how these tasty critters are caught. Stop by the Cannery’s Fishing the West Coast exhibit to learn about the various methods that are used to catch different kinds of fish. Discover which fishing methods make for environmentally-wise seafood choices to use for your next ocean-fresh feast. You can even take a quiz on our interactive Fishing Methods touchscreen to test what you know about BC fishing methods.

Then with your new ocean conscious knowledge, you can head to the Steveston Public Fish Sales Float where you can find all kinds of seafood sold right off the boat. Check the Steveston Harbour Authority’s website for the daily catch!

Or, if you would rather have someone do the cooking for you, it won’t be hard to find seafood in a Steveston restaurant. If you are craving fish and chips, a popular dish to try in Steveston, there are many options. To enjoy the fresh sea air while you lunch, try Oceanwise certified Pajo’s on the Wharf with their outdoor seating, located right out in the harbour. For fish to-go, try the Steveston Cafe & Hotel’s fish and chips which you can order from a window at the front of the restaurant. If you would prefer to dine indoors, Dave’s Fish & Chips , a long time Steveston establishment, is a good option for you to relax and enjoy some comfort food.

With so many seafood choices in Steveston, having a little knowledge about the options will help make your trip to Steveston better and tastier than ever!

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