What’s in Store: Murchie’s 1894 Tea

A selection of Murchie’s teas on display in the Cannery gift shop.

Submitted by Heritage Interpreter Angela N.

When the weather is cold, the best thing to do is come to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site to warm your passion for knowledge about the west coast fishing industry, or brew yourself a hot cup of tea. The Cannery’s gift shop sells a variety of goodies to keep warm, including a vast selection of teas from Murchie’s.

Murchie’s is a Canadian company based out of Vancouver BC, and specializes in tea and coffee products. This company in particular is a very special brand in the gift shop as it shares something in common with the Cannery.

Both Murchie’s and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery were established in 1894, making us both over 125 years old!

Murchie’s celebrates their founding year by producing a fragrant orange pekoe tea simply named “Thé 1984 Tea”. The Cannery gift shop carries this mellow tea blend, sold in a box of ten tea bags. If orange pekoe is not to your taste we also carry other Murchie’s  teas, such as the pleasantly sweet Sugar Maple tea and an aromatic Jasmine tea as well.

Come check out the Cannery gift shop to stay warm in the Canadian cold!

Posted by m.horita
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