Closed Containment Aquaculture FAQ

The Sea Choice website posts an informative FAQ section about closed containment aquaculture.  If you have ever wondered why farmed salmon raised in closed containment systems are more sustainable than farmed salmon raised in net pens, or how much wild fish is needed to raise wild salmon, this discussion is for you.  Other questions include:

Are antibiotics or chemicals used to raise closed containment salmon?
Some of the same reasons that fish raised in closed containment pose less risk to wild fish also help protect the farmed fish from disease. Having a physical barrier between the farmed and wild environments eliminates the transfer of disease or sea lice into the farm. Also, the “Best Choice” closed containment salmon farm uses water from a pathogen-free source. Protection from disease entering the farm means fish do not need to be treated with the chemicals and antibiotics that net pen farms use. …[read full article]

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