Shopping for Sustainable Seafood

Download the SeaChoice Seafood Guide

Overwaitea Food Group and SeaChoice announced a new collaboration today that will enable shoppers to more easily identify sustainable seafood.

Sustainable choices will be labelled and most red-listed products such as Chilean seabass, orange roughy, and yellowfin tuna will no longer be sold. However, other red-listed products such as tiger prawns and farmed Atlantic salmon will still be available.

As part of that policy, OFG is working with SeaChoice to develop and implement a six-point sustainability plan for the procurement and sale of seafood in its stores. The retailer has committed to:

    • offering customers sustainable seafood options and reducing procurement of unsustainable seafood
    • providing transparency and traceability information on seafood products they sell
    • openly collecting and sharing information regarding OFG’s sustainability practices
    • educating its team members, suppliers and customers on sustainable seafood
    • encouraging policymakers to improve and develop laws and regulations that support sustainability
    • ensuring a sustainable future for seafood stocks   [find out more]
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