The Georgia Strait Alliance

TheĀ GeorgiaĀ StraitĀ is an important body of water located between the Mainland and Vancouver Island.Ā  It is home to diverse marine wildlife in the world, and is surrounded by numerous communities. As such, there are numerous local and national initiatives working to protect it, including Parks Canada’sĀ efforts to make portions of it a marine reserve. Over the time that I have worked here at the Cannery, I have heard of numerousĀ programs expressing their concerns about the sustainability of theĀ Georgia Strait includingĀ SeaChoice, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Vancouver Aquarium, among others.Ā The GeorgiaĀ  Strait Alliance is an organization new to me,Ā yet it shares similar goals of sustainability as many of these aforementioned groups.

Since 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance has been made up of a group of citizens whose main focus has been to protect the marine environment in and around the Strait of Georgia – “the place where most British Columbians live, work and play.”

Their mandate is to:

  • Protect marine life and its habitat
  • RestoreĀ the regionā€™s water and air quality
  • Promote sustainable communities
  • Foster stewardship of the marine environment

They do this through a variety of means including programming such as: teaching what kinds of household cleaners one could use to not damage the environment, and informing boaters and boat owners around BC how to green boat. They also address issues relating to salmon habitats, pollutions and toxins, climate change, salmon farming, and much more.

To take a closer look at what they do orĀ search through their online resources, have a look at the Georgia Strait Alliance website.

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