The status of Canadian Rivers

Canada’s Rivers at Risk, a WWF-Canada report released today urges federal and provincial governments to preserve Canada’s rivers. The report assesses the flow of 10 major Canadian rivers, including the Fraser River, and the impacts of producing more food, generating electricity, fuelling industry and quenching the thirst of expanding cities.

 The water we use – when we turn on the tap for a drink, generate electricity, or grow food – is water that we share with all life on earth. The challenge for Canada, as one of the world’s water-wealthy nations, is to protect and restore the nation’s rivers while playing a leading role in feeding and fuelling an increasingly thirsty and warming world.

Federal and provincial governments must rise to the challenge by taking a leadership role on freshwater conservation in Canada, in collaboration with a broad group of stakeholders, including NGOs and watershed organizations, business and industry, local and Aboriginal governments, and citizens. The future health of Canada’s rivers, and the cultures, communities, and economies that depend on them, hangs in the balance.  [read full report]

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