Sockeyes Spinning in Steveston this Sunday

Sockeye Spin

As many locals know, Steveston is a beautiful and flat place to ride a bicycle. This Sunday, the wider cycling community will learn it too when the first ever Steveston Sockeye Spin kicks off at 2nd Ave and Moncton.

The Spin is a criterium race, which is a short race on a closed circuit. They are very exciting for audiences as well as riders since they are fast-paced and riders go past the same place multiple times. (If you didn’t know what a criterium race was, don’t worry – I found the information here) The race runs from 8:00am to 2:00pm and roads in the downtown Steveston area will be closed until at least 1:30.

For more information on race times, where to watch the race, and road closures, check out this website.

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