Back-to-back Steveston Farmers’ and Artisans’ Markets

Usually, the market falls on every other Sunday of the summer, but the next two Steveston Farmers’ and Artisans’ Markets will fall on back-to-back weekends. Take advantage of access to seasonal crops that are only available during the short growing season, and shop twice the amount. It’s a great time of year to purchase goods for canning and freezing. Have you ever had a frozen apricot? I would freeze apricots in the summer and add them to smoothies in the winter. This makes for a little taste of summer on a dreary winter day!

Don’t forget, there are plenty of beautiful works and innovative creations available from a number talented artists and craftspeople selling their wares at the market as well.

Here are the remaining dates for the summer season:

  • Sunday, July 29th
  • Sundays, August 5th, 19th
  • Sundays, Sept. 2nd,  16th & 30th
  • each market runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

Don’t forget to see what the Cannery Store has to offer! The Cannery Store is open regular hours on market days, from 10 am to 5 pm.


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