Cannery Store Feature: Goat Mountain Soap

These colourful and sweet-scented soaps from Goat Mountain Soap Company are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Available in a variety of themes, colours, and fragrances, each one has a soap-specific slogan. The Cannery Store carries: Man Soap part of the “Hairy Man Body Collection”; Salmon Slobber, a soap with nothing fishy about it; the Raging Elk soap which should be rubbed all over your body to bring out the wilderness in you; there is also Beaver Butt, Sasquatch Sweat, Bear Breath, and more.

These soaps not only smell good, they make great gifts and appeal to locals and tourists alike. Themes are specific to the West Coast, tickling the funny bones of those who live here and visitors looking for a fun souvenir.

Come by the Cannery Store and take a whiff of our collection!

Posted by websitedev
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