Cannery Store Feature: Two Books, Two Days, Two Special Opportunities

This weekend, two books featured in the Cannery store will come to life as a part of Culture Days.

Home Away From Home and Trademarks and Salmon Art: a brand new perspective are available for sale in the gift shop, and both will be featured in two Culture Days activities at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site this weekend, October 1 & 2.

Trademarks and Salmon Art: a brand new perspective provides a close examination of the art illustrated onĀ salmon can labels over the past century. Salmon can label designs were mainly geared toward their overseas market and therefore the most marketable imagery of British Columbia and Canada was illustrated on the labels themselves. As there was not much difference in content from one can to another, selling the product became about the packaging. And from their designs, as the book outlines, the reader or viewer can learn significant details about Canadian history.

  • On October 1st the Gulf of Georgia Cannery will display some of their extensive salmon can label collection and examine as well as highlight the various themes covered in Trademarks and Salmon Art. Investigate a few themes on your own, participate in can label origami, and create your own label designs. Learn more.

Home Away From Home is a recipe book put together by the seniors and volunteers at the Japanese Community Volunteer AssociationĀ (Tonari Gumi) and is filled with traditional and contemporary Japanese recipes. The seniors came together as an opportunity to share recipesĀ with the younger generation and their community,Ā and as a means to pass on their heritage through meals that had either been lost or forgotten. The book provides a variety of recipes thatĀ are simple and nutritious, in addition,Ā helpful cooking hints andĀ user-friendly guides are also included. Proceeds go to Tonari Gumi and Japanese tsunami relief.

  • Tonari Gumi will be at the Cannery on October 2nd offering free samples of prepared foods from their fantastic recipe book. Come by between 10am and 4pm and meet the people behind the creation of this unforgettable recipe book. Learn more.

Ā * Both books are available for purchase at the Cannery Store.

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