Fun things to do when it rains!

The rain is back! We have been pretty lucky with fantastic weather over the past three months, not to mention the driest September on record since two years after the Cannery was built in 1894.

I’m guessing the lot of you, if you’re anything like me, have forgotten what it is like to return to rainy weather and have to adjust to spending more time indoors. Here are a few things that are taking place at the Cannery that are worth seeing not only when it is sunny out, but also when it’s raining:

  • Seafood for Thought – this temporary exhibit is about the sustainability of our oceans and making ocean-friendly consumer choices.  Learn how your choices can make a difference!
  • Fishing the West Coast Photo Contest – come to the Cannery and view contemporary photos from the fishing industry and the waterfront! The images featured in this show become permanent records in our archives, so vote for your favourite one before they come down at the end of October.
  • C is for…The Cannery – enjoy learning more about the ins and outs, facts and fictions of the Cannery in this extra special A to Z exhibit.
  • Or, if you can’t get out because you are feeling lazy and it is a jogging pants kind of day, then stay home and check out some interesting cannery content online, like our digital photo archive and the A to Z exhibit online.
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