Our Visit From “Grandpa”

Grandpa's visit
Staff members and volunteers got to meet "Grandpa" from our film "A Journey Through Time"

If you’ve been to the Cannery chances are you’ve seen our movie “A Journey Through Time,” about a grandfather teaching his granddaughter, Jenny, the history of the West Coast fishing industry.

Last Friday, a visitor came up to the front desk of the Cannery and asked if we were still showing that film. The staff person at the front desk recognized the voice and realized that the visitor was none other than the man who plays Grandpa in the film!

After he went on our site tour, staff had a chance to talk to “Grandpa” and have a photo taken with him; it was very exciting to us that he still remembers the film he did so many years ago! We hope he will come back and visit us again soon – maybe with Jenny next time?

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