Steveston a Favourite Place

Order some fish and chips from Pajo's on the Steveston wharf and enjoy the sensations of summer on the water.
Photograph by: Mark Van Manen, Vancouver Sun

Steveston Village was featured in Friday’s Vancouver Sun as part of a series of articles entitled Favourite Places. Columnist Shelley Fralic describes all the great reasons to visit Steveston:

Steveston is where we take our visiting friends and relatives on hot summer days to strut our scenic stuff, to check out the annual salmon festival, to wander through the cannery museum or brave the waves for a spot of whale watching.

It’s here we sometimes head mid-week in the off-season, alone, to wander through the heritage buildings and curio shops, to sit on a bench on the dock and drink in the warmth from the thinning sun.

And it’s here, with the fresh sea air and incessant squawking gulls and fishy fragrances, where we are reminded why we live on this coast. [read full article]

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