Steveston in the Seattle Times

That’s Kim!          Photo by Ken Lambert / Seattle Times

The village of Steveston was featured in an article in the Seattle Times yesterday. Mention is made of the Cannery:

At the cannery, where half-hour tours come with the price of admission, visitors see equipment used in what once was British Columbia’s most productive cannery, packing more than 2.5 million cans of salmon in 1897.

“It was easy to lose a finger — or more — on some of these,” said guide Mark Penney, showing us a 1907-vintage contraption that could split, gut and cut the tails off large salmon at the rate of more than one a second, replacing a crew of some 30 Chinese immigrants, some of the first cannery workers.

It was almost always cold in the cannery, which was constructed on pilings over the river, and conditions for workers were difficult. A 1913 photo shows Japanese women, two with infants in slings on their backs, working the canning line. … [read full article]

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