Today’s Groupon: 2 for 1 admission to the Cannery

Until Tuesday, July 12, the Cannery is offering 2 for 1 admission on Groupon. This means that admission for two will only cost $7.80! Although the deal is only available for two days, the voucher is valid until December 23, 2011.

Since Groupon’s inception a few years ago, many other deal sites have popped up. The concept is similar for all these sites. Groupon is a great service that harnesses collective buying power to score great deals. Everyday, the site features a deal on events or activities around the city. The only catch is that the deal is dependent on a minimum number of people signing on. Once the minimum is reached, you get the deal and your credit card will be charged. You then print your voucher and set off to enjoy the deal.

You might want to consider subscribing to Groupon‘s daily email feed (an email is sent each day with the daily deal). I suggest creating a separate account for sites like these so that you are not bombarded by emails all the time.

Posted by websitedev
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