Try our Salmon Taste Challenge this summer!

Can A or Can B? Which do you prefer?
Can A or Can B? Which do you prefer?

The Salmon Taste Challenge at the Cannery is now in full swing! Just like another famous ‘soda pop’ Taste Challenge, visitors are invited to taste two different species of canned salmon, and then select their preference. Over the past four weekends, we have conducted over 25 blind tastings with more than 250 participants! Throughout the summer, we hope to increase our visitors’ awareness of the different species of salmon that swim in the Pacific Ocean.

The results of the tastings have leaned toward a consensus that sockeye is the tastier choice over pink, but many have indicated that both taste equally great.  Another goal of this program is to help our visitors make more informed seafood choices. Many have commented that they now understand why one species of salmon may be considered a more sustainable choice than another.

The Salmon Taste Challenge will continue every weekend after the 11am, 1pm and 3pm tours until August 31. Come visit and see if you can taste the difference!

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